What Light

In Jay Asher’s brand new novel, What Light, we get a sweet holiday story with some beautiful emotional rollercoasters thrown in for fun.  Sierra, the main character, has spent her life living two lives – one, living on a Christmas tree farm in Oregon for most of the year, an20161016_160807_resizedd two, traveling down to California each “tree season” to work with her parents on their family tree lot.  She has two best friends in Oregon, Rachel and Elizabeth, and one bestie in California, Heather.

Finances indicate that maybe this will be Sierra’s final season in California.  Her Oregon friends would love for Sierra to stay in Oregon year-round and experience the winter holidays with them, but Sierra is torn as she loves Heather, too, and the life-long routine of visiting California each Thanksgiving-to-Christmas.  This year, Heather wants Sierra to find a holiday fling so she can double-date with Heather and her boyfriend, Devon.

Of course, this means a dark and handsome potential love interest.  Caleb comes in to the tree lot to purchase a tree, and Sierra is instantly intrigued by him.  However, Heather warns Sierra that Caleb is not fling material.  No better love than the forbidden, right?  Sierra continues to get to know Caleb, and obstacles ensue from all sides.  The biggest obstacle of all is that Sierra is leaving to go back to Oregon after Christmas, so why fall in love now, especially with a boy who everyone is vehemently opposed to Sierra dating?

Too much more will spoil the plot, so I will wrap this up by saying Asher’s characters are so well portrayed and the plot so skillfully woven that I was crying by the end.  And if you can make me cry with a story, you’ve effectively done your job as an author.  Read Jay Asher’s What Light.  You won’t regret it (except when you finish and there’s no more to read!).

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Author: sharemyya

A high school teacher, pre-published YA novelist, avid reader, photographer, independent Scentsy consultant.

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