Dorothy Must Die

dmdThe first in a series by Danielle Paige, Dorothy Must Die is a re-imagining of The Wizard of Oz.  Our new protagonist, Amy Gumm, is another Kansas resident who grew up believing the L. Frank Baum books about Oz were fiction.  But when a tornado does to her what it did to Dorothy Gale, well, Amy learns that Dorothy was, in fact, real – and that she, Amy, has been recruited to take Dorothy out.

Upon Amy’s arrival in Oz, she thinks that much like Dorothy in the book/movie, she MUST be having a fantastical hallucination when she is greeted by an odd road of yellow brick and a boy who welcomes her to Oz.  But this is not Dorothy’s Oz as we know it – the true princess, Ozma, has deferred to Dorothy’s rule.  Dorothy has become very power hungry and is sucking the magic right out of Oz, with the help of Glinda the not-so-Good.  Amy meets some non-flying monkeys (the only way to escape Dorothy’s control is to cut the wings off) and others who tell her of the decline of Oz since Dorothy’s return.

While imprisoned for treason, Amy is recruited by the Revolutionary Order of the Wicked – a coven of witches and others who want to restore Oz to pre-Dorothy rule – as the one who must kill Dorothy.  Her mission is fourfold – Remove the Tin Woodman’s heart, Steal the Scarecrow’s brain, Take the Lion’s courage, and then kill Dorothy.

So in this crazy world of Oz, Amy has to figure out who to trust, how to take on this mission to restore Oz, and how she can get back to Kansas – if she actually WANTS to go back.  Dorothy Must Die is the first book, and the series continues with The Wicked Will Rise and The Yellow Brick War.

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Author: sharemyya

A high school teacher, pre-published YA novelist, avid reader, photographer, independent Scentsy consultant.

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