Draw the Line

dtlI’ve always admired Laurent Linn as an illustrator; he’s created wonderful cover art for some of my favorite authors. So when I saw his byline on Draw the Line, I had to read it! I’m SO glad I did. Draw the Line tells a funny, touching story about gay-but-on-the-downlow Adrian Piper, an amazing comic artist who thinks of himself as invisible. The story takes us through the evolution of Adrian from his invisible, somewhat afraid self to someone who stands up for what is right, even if he’s the only one standing. The character development is so strong that I wanted to cry when I finished reading the book (in two sittings – would have been one if I hadn’t had a doctor appointment!). I adored all his characters, not just Adrian, but his friends Trent and Audrey, his classmates Kobe, Lev, Carmen and Kathleen, and even the bad guys were so wonderfully constructed I wanted to beat them up myself.

Laurent Linn’s debut YA is not just a great novel, it’s also enhanced by “Adrian’s” comic alter-ego, Graphite, and it’s so beautiful to see the art incorporated alongside the eloquent text.

I’m really glad to see more books emerging featuring LGBTQ characters in major roles.  It gives those of us not falling into one of those initials a window into their world – and isn’t that the best function of a good book?


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Author: sharemyya

A high school teacher, pre-published YA novelist, avid reader, photographer, independent Scentsy consultant.

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